• Study and review FEED Documents, Instrument Design philosophy to design and detailed engineering.
  • Prepare the Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE), Purchase Order Specification (POS), Clarifications of Vendor quotations if the materials being offered are technically compiled with client standard.
  • Prepare ESD/FGS Shutdown diagrams, Cause & Effect Charts,
    Prepare fabrication drawing for instrument stands, lighting stand and cable tray brackets, Fire and gas mounting stands, control panels, Junction box stands etc.,
  • Prepare Control Panel, Junction box location plans and cable tray routing for IS and Non IS cables, Cable gland size for all types of cables.
  • Prepare Instrument hook-up diagram impulse line and pneumatic Instrument tube from Header etc.,
  • Prepare system block diagram and remote I/O cable block diagram and remote cable block diagram, Termination diagram for the Fire and Gas JB’s , Fire and Gas Panel, Instrument JB’s, System cabinets remote I/O cabinets etc.,
  • Prepare Instrument shutdown system, Fire and gas system and Telecommunication systems installation details.
  • Prepare Instrument shutdown system block diagram and Wellhead Control Panel block diagram, Pig Launcher Control Panel (PLCP),
    Prepare fusible plug loop, ESD panel and Horn Alarm panel and Deluge Panel schematic diagram.
  • Assists and provide Technical information for the project management team and other discipline.
  • Prepare DCS/ESD/FGS graphic configuration / I/O points build, Control Language program, generation of reports.
  • Preparation for Engineering drawing for JB’s, Inst loop drawings and As-Built drawings in A-CAD etc.,
  • Preparation of Functional Analysis for Process Control, ESD/ FGS Systems.
  • PCS Loop drawing, INTOOLS loop drawings.
  • ‘Cabsys’ – Cable tray routing.