• As part of the commissioning team among the responsibilities is to familiarise the project design and operation philosophy by reviewing the design manual, P&ID drawings.
  • Prepare commissioning procedures, commissioning scope of works, acceptance criteria, handover procedures and start-up procedures etc.
  • Identify the corresponding vendor representative for commissioning of special equipment systems associated with the priority system to be tested.
  • Follow-up the necessary materials, tools and equipment related to the identified priority systems to be commissioned.
  • Coordination to the engineering design department regarding the outstanding and modification works.
  • Carryout loop checking and commissioning of all types of field instruments from DCS/ ESD/FGS systems to the field instruments and equipment’s.
    Proper coordination with other discipline to carryout commissioning activities.
  • Supervise the Cause and Effective matrix system activities.
  • Carries out system commissioning for Fire and Gas, Emergency shut down, Process shut down systems and Telecommunication systems.
  • Organise and hand over successfully tested equipment’s and Systems.
  • Ensure that all completed check sheets, IITR sheets and other documents has been reviewed and signed by the clients.